• Identify and transcend specific inner barriers and blocks to health, well-being and goal achievement -i.e., more clearly identify underlying emotional, mental and behavioral patterns that aid, abet, perpetuate or have a causal relationship to issues and conditions experienced.

  • Achieve more peace, insight, clarity, stress reduction and the ability to find relief of physical conditions and conditioning, and feel more empowered to take action, according to personal priorities, passion and need for growth and development.

  • Learn techniques for managing conflicts in relationships at home, in the workplace, and society, by identifying the association between what’s going on outside versus within one’s inner life.

  • Better manage work/life issues and balance between career and identified life purposes and goals.

  • Receive advice and consultation re more holistic, energy-based fitness regimens, weight control, nutrient-dense “food as medicine” supplementation, alternative food preparation, fasting, etc.