Soul Therapy Sessions

This psycho-spiritual coaching exposes habitual, conflicting, suppressed or distorted feelings, thoughts and actions and their psycho-somatic relationship to physical problems. Through an interactive, educational and dialectical process, Soul Therapy uses facts in clients’ external reality as a mirror to “conscientize” them to what’s going on internally. It does so in a way that inspires the vital lifeforce to be re-directed towards accelerated healing, reduced suffering, resolution of problems, and more energy, will power and wisdom to succeed. Services may include referrals to readings, “homework”, and general information re transition into more well-being-related lifestyle factors.


Holistic Planning And Writing

These sessions employ a universal, creative, intuitive and spiritual-based model to help clients to breakthrough or surmount impasses and blockages in project development, research/writing or marketing. Clients are guided in drawing upon enriched, uncensored inner ideas, concepts and content which they are then able to plug into or complement standardized guidelines and requirements for projects, programs and writings.

Psycho-Socio Pathology Remediation​

Clients learn the scientific keys to healing self, society and organizations by exposing and remedying the psycho-socio pathology at the root of problems and conflicts within self and in relationships, based on a new science called “Analytical Trilogy”.  This is a novel, consciousness-raising form of psycho-socio therapy that combines psychology, philosophy /science and metaphysics. It exposes the individual’s pathology, suffering or dis-ease, in the context of the whole person and the social structures of which they are a part that also need healing. Through group coaching, consultation and workshops, clients will learn how to apply these concepts to manage and resolve conflicts.

Lifestyle Well-being Transitioning

Supports individuals and organizations in their efforts to transition into more holistic lifestyles, overcoming difficulties in breaking away from traditional or habitual ways of living. Coaching sessions focus on customized approaches to more holistic, energy-based fitness regimens, weight control, nutrient-dense “food as medicine” supplementation, alternative food preparation, fasting, etc. - according to specific needs and desires of clients. This service includes individual or group holistic education facilitation, workshops, media interviews, speaking engagements, and training sessions.


Sole to Soul Therapy

Sole-To-Soul Therapy combines psycho-spiritual counseling breakthroughs with stress relieving acupressure/reflexology, to dynamically quicken remediation of psycho-physical issues. As a result of the deep relaxation induced by the simultaneous release of, 1) suppressed thoughts and feelings, and 2) increased flow of blood, lymph, nerve energy, and detoxification, the mind/body more rapidly heals itself and clients summon the commitment to take advantage of other various therapeutic interventions.