Over 40 + years, Len Burg has worked professionally as a holistic health educator, community activist, and Higher Education Administrator.​

His spiritual and holistic work has carried him from Harlem, NY – where he directed several community organizations - to Europe, Uganda East Africa, India and South America, where he has participated in organizing and supporting international initiatives.  

In his healing work, he has specialized in helping individuals and organizations transition into healthier lifestyles.  Burg has pioneered ‘Soul Therapy’ – a form of psycho-spiritual coaching and counseling which uproots the emotional/mental patterns and ideas at the root of physical and psychical symptoms.  He incorporates, 1. The Science of the Soul; and 2. the methodology of “Analytical Trilogy”, a novel, consciousness-raising form of psycho-socio therapy that combines psychology, philosophy/science and metaphysics. 


Mr. Burg is also a Certified Teacher of the basic principles of the Psycho-therapeutic technique of “Analytical Trilogy”, granted by the, “Faculdade Trilogica, Keppe & Pacheco” – (The Keppe & Pacheco college in Cambuquira Brazil." Both Soul Therapy and Analytical Trilogy are complementary to and supportive of other alternative and conventional methods of healing, helping people to commit to the regimens and lifestyles conducive to wellbeing.


Len is currently President of STOP THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD, an affiliate of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ANALYTICAL TRILOGY.  He has twice presented papers and lectured at its international psychotherapy conferences in Brazil (http://www.icat.ws/videos.php), and organized panel presentations at the Internationally Renowned Left Forum in New York City in 2013, 2015 and 2016. In February 2018, Mr. Burg was appointed Vice President of Holistic Lifestyles & Well-Being for Greenlight Corporation.


Mr. Burg has also given meditation instruction as a co-founder, VP, International Coordination Liaison, and United Nations Representative for A Centre for the World Religions, the USA branch of a non-sectarian organization promoting interfaith unity and cooperation. He negotiated its NGO status with the ECOSOC section of the UN. 


For 16 years Mr. Burg served at Pace University in New York City, working his way up to Project & Operations Coordinator in the Division for Student Success, responsible for research and projects enhancing student retention.  At Pace, he served on the University’s Peace Advisory Board and coordinated/ facilitated workshops in Global Citizenship and Justice on behalf of a university wide campaigns to incorporate these themes into the curricula and student affairs activities of the University.


Mr. Burg graduated with distinction from Pace University in New York City, earning a B.A. in Psychology and Journalism, with a certificate in Hands-on Project Management.   Most important, Leonard has learned at the feet of several living saints around the world, promoting the universal brotherhood of man. They see and practice “religion” not as organizations and buildings made of brick and mortar, but as a fundamental process inherent within all human beings, irrespective of sectarian religious beliefs, affiliations or cultural traditions.

AUTHOR OF: "Profit by Consciousness of Spirituality in the Workplace", in the bestselling book, "The Better Business Book, volume 2", published by Authors Unite, 2017


WRITINGS: (www.scribd.com/Linoze)